Visit "Where can I get vaccinated" or call 1-877-COVAXCO (1-877-268-2926) for vaccine information.


Helpful Links & Contact Info

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)
24/7 Crisis Line: 970-252-6220
24/7 Crisis Text Line: 741741

Important Phone Numbers
Crested Butte Fire and Protection District 970-349-5333
Crested Butte Marshall's Office 970-349-5231
Crested Butte Towing 970-349-0292
Colorado Division of Wildlife 970-641-7060
Colorado State Patrol 970-249-4392
Gunnison Combined Courts 970-642-8300
Gunnison County Communications (Dispatch) 970-641-8200
Gunnison County Corrections Facility (Jail) 970-641-1108
Gunnison District Attorney's Office 970-641-5138
Gunnison County Sheriff 970-641-1113
Gunnison Police Department (City of Gunnison) 970-641-8254
Mt. Crested Butte Municipal Court 970-349-6632
Mt. Crested Butte Town Hall 970-349-6632
Stray & Lost Animals
Crested Butte (PAWS)
Gunnison (GVAWL)
Victim's Services 970-641-8299

Helpful Links Prevention Information
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Colorado Bureau of Investigation Records Check
Colorado Department of Revenue (DMV)
Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife
Colorado Online Accident Report - Colorado State Patrol
Colorado State Patrol
CORSAR Card Information
Crested Butte Search & Rescue
Driving Conditions within the State of Colorado
Identogo Fingerprinting - (CABS) 
Motor Vehicle Verification System (VIN)
Project Hope – Confidential Advocacy for Gunnison County
Seek Then Speak (Victims of Sexual Assault)
Stop Fraud Colorado (Hotline Phone Number: 800-222-4444)

Resources for Suicide Prevention
The Definitive Guide To Car Seat Safety for Kids