Master Plan

The Town of Mt. Crested Butte has hired Norris Design out of Frisco & Gunnison to lead us in a master planning process for the town. They specialize in mountain and resort planning, and have pulled together a great outreach plan for this process, which includes broad public engagement, focus group meetings, Town Council, Planning Commission, DDA, and other various stakeholder meetings.

A master plan is an advisory document that guides decision-making for a community to achieve its vision and goals. 
The plan will help guide town staff, elected officials, and the overall community on important future decisions for Mt. Crested Butte through the use of action-oriented policies, programs, and projects. This action-oriented plan will provide strategies for Mt. Crested Butte to achieve the community’s goals regarding economic development, future land use, recreation and tourism, and public services for the next 10-15 years.

The master plan will complement the Strategic Plan adopted by town council in April 2021, which has the following guiding principles:

  1. Leads collaboration across the valley
  2. Promotes environmental stewardship
  3. Plans for responsible and intentional growth
  4. Balances full-time resident, part-time resident, and tourist needs
  5. Supports recreational and cultural opportunities accessible for all
  6. Maintains a fiscally responsible government

The Town of Mt. Crested Butte is launching a recalibration of the draft master plan. To ensure a community-driven process, the town will have several engagement opportunities for our stakeholders, boards, and the public.

The plan will be revised and expanded to include goals, policies, and action items while identifying partners to implement the plan vision over the next 10 years. These plan elements will be built on a foundation of our town’s key values and priorities and will be more comprehensive and inclusive of base area revitalization and how to sustainably direct future development of the town. Additionally, it will holistically consider how growth and development will influence community housing, town character, transportation and transit, parks and open space, and economic impacts.


Scope Step



Stakeholder Reengagement

Reach out to base area stakeholders to inform them of the Master Plan recalibration

Completed April 2022

Joint Work Session Town Council + Planning Commission

Outline how the development of Draft 2.0 will address feedback and comments received

April 19, 2022

Technical Studies + Analysis

Water, Traffic, Economic Impact

Gothic Road Capacity Study: Completed July 1, 2022

Transit Analysis: Completed July 1, 2022

Water + Economic Studies: In progress

Draft Revised Content

Recalibrate the Master Plan Draft 2.0 based on all current information and community input to date.

April-July 2022

Stakeholder Advisory Group Meetings

Draft Master Plan 2.0 Content

June-July 2022

Base Owner Meetings

Share and present Master Plan 2.0 with stakeholders and the community for feedback

April – June 2022

Town Council + Planning Commission Meetings

Finalize the Master Plan, addressing comments gathered during the Master Plan 2.0 review

July-September 2022

Final Draft Completion and Adoption

Finalize document based on comments received from base owners, stakeholders, Planning Commission and Town Council

October-December 2022

Final Draft Adoption

Adoption of the final Master Plan

January 2023



To receive periodic updates or submit comments or questions, please contact Hillary Seminick, AICP, Deputy Community Development Director at or 970-349-6632, ext. 119. 


The Draft Master Plan has been presented to local government leadership and community members. You may review the presentations below. 



We collected feedback on the draft master plan from Tuesday, September 13 through Friday, October 7, 2022. Here is feedback: