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E-Bike Rebate Programs

Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Crested Butte E-Bike Rebate Programs!

The Mt. Crested Butte E-bike Rebate Program is a sustainability initiative that aims to promote the use of e-bikes as a means of transportation. The program offers a rebate to Mt. Crested Butte residents who purchase an e-bike with the goal of reducing traffic congestion and promoting environmentally friendly transportation options. By incentivizing e-bike use, the program seeks to contribute to the environmental benefits of reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable community.

The Town is offering two separate e-bike rebate programs this summer. You may only apply for one of these rebates.  Click the links below to find out more information about each program:

Non-Restricted AMI Rebates: Rebate amount $500 to $600 per e-bike.


Restricted AMI Rebates: If you make 100% or less of AMI then you may be eligible for rebates between $1,000 and $1500.