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Building Permit Applications

Please consider the following before requesting a building permit:
  1. Does my project require a building permit?

    Permits are required for all new construction, alterations, and remodels. Examples of projects that require permits are listed in the Interior Remodel Permit Policy document. However, since every project has unique parameters, please contact us if you have questions.

  2. Design & Permit Review:

    If you answered yes to #1 above, your project must first go through the design and review permit process. Please use the document below to review what is needed to get your project started: 

    Mt. Crested Butte Design and Permit Review Punch List

    The design review process begins when payment and applications documents are submitted.

  3. Building Permit Review/Issuance

    After your design and permit review are approved, which includes a completed building permit application, your building permit is issued.

  4. Schedule Applicable Inspections

    After your building permit is issued, you must schedule inspections for the property. This will include town of Mt. CB inspections, electrical, plumbing, fire, and water/sewer. 

  5. Final Inspection & Certificate of Occupancy

    After you have passed your inspections, you must schedule a final inspection. Once you have passed a final inspection, you will be issued a certificate of occupancy (CO).

    - TCO, CO, Deposit Policy

    - Mt. CB Certificate of Occupancy Checklist (CO)

  6. Clean-up Deposit Refund

    After a certificate of occupancy is issued, the following items are typically required prior to refunding the permit clean-up deposit for new construction:

    -  Schedule an inspection with the town to review landscaping/noxious weeds & job site ​​​​clean-up
    -  Provide the town with an Improvement Location Certificate
    -  Reconciliation of the actual cost of construction vs initial estimate
     Mt. Crested Butte Water and Sanitation District Final Inspection

Looking for additional information regarding your project? Visit our Building Policies/FAQs page.