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Apply or Renew

To submit a new Short-Term Rental application: 

Click here for illustrated directions on how to create a new account in Munirevs

  1. Go to Munirevs website

  2. Click "Register Here" and follow the directions to verify your email address and complete your profile.

  3. Once you have registered for your account, please email for your Account Number and Activation Code. Please provide the property owner's name, property owner's mailing address, STR property address, and proof of ownership (warranty deed) in the email so the account can be set up. 

  4. Once you have received your codes, you will then need to link the property to the account. At the bottom of your business center, there is a link under "No Accounts Found". Click on the link. On the following page, enter your Account Number and Activation Code in the appropriate boxes and push "Lookup". Select your "role" and push "connect".  Then return to the Business Center. 

  5. In your Business Center, there will be a link to complete your STR license application under "Open Tasks".

  6. Complete the application, submit all required paperwork, and pay the license and pillow fee. The Short-Term Rental Officer will review your application and confirm a date and time for the property inspection. Please refer to this STR Guide for details on what is required for new applications. 

Approved licenses are valid for one calendar year, not 12 months from the date issued. A 60-day window is given to complete the application and property inspection. If the application and inspection is not completed within 60 days of when the application is processed, the application will be denied and a new application will need to be submitted. There are no refunds on application fees if denied. 

Please note, there is no appeal process for the denial of an application

Failure to have a current and valid STR license issued by the Town of Mt. Crested Butte will result in a violation fine of $1,000 per day. STR licensing is strictly enforced. 


For Renewal Applications:

Short-Term Rental Licenses must be renewed 60 days prior to their expiration, November 2, 2023. Owners will be able to start renewing their short term rental application on August 1, 2023.  Failure to renew a STR license during the renewal period will require a new application and inspection to be completed to continue advertising or short-term renting in 2024. Please refer to this STR Renewal Guide