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Waste Management of Colorado facilitates trash and recycling collection for the Town of Mt. Crested Butte. They collect trash on Wednesday mornings and recycling every other Wednesday. The fees are $84 per quarter. 
What can I recycle?
  • Aluminum: No foil
  • Tin: No sheet metal
  • Glass: All colors accepted, please remove lids
  • Plastic #1-7 with the following exceptions:
    • No frozen entree microwave trays
    • No party platters
    • No plastic wrap
    • No plastic bags
    • No pesticide containers
    • No chemical containers (automotive)
    • No styrofoam containers and anything marked compostable. 
  • Newspaper/Magazines: Glossy junk mail, inserts, catalogs, spiral notebooks, and phone books are accepted
  • Office Paper:
    • No neon paper
    • No paper towels
    • No craft paper
    • No window envelopes unless the plastic windows have been removed
    • No tissues
  • Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard only
    • No frozen food containers, beer boxes, or pizza boxes
Can I recycle myself?

Yes! If you want to drop it off yourself, you can go to the Gunnison County Recycling Center located at 195 Basin Park Dr. in Gunnison. Thanks for participating in our recycling program! 

Recycling Program Updates as of October 2022

As of October 2022, Waste Management has upgraded its recycling program to a new, single-stream, automated recycling pickup. Every household is allotted one 96-gallon recycling bin that is picked up on a biweekly schedule. Waste Management will not accept recycling in any other container or any recycling not contained within the designated recycling totter. These totters can be requested through the town to be dropped off directly at the household.

If you need a new trash totter or have questions, please email

Recycling Schedule

Please click the button below to view the 2024 trash & recycling schedule:

  MTCB Recycling Schedule