Thank you for your interest in working for the Town Of Mt. Crested Butte


Mt. Crested Butte Town Attorney
The Town is seeking the services of a municipal attorney or attorneys to fulfill the duties and responsibilities described in the below-linked Request for Qualifications (RFQ) as the Town Attorney. The Town is inviting individual attorneys and firms to respond to this RFQ with Statements of Qualifications to provide the Town with the services described herein.

Contact Town Manager, Carlos Velado at cvelado@mtcb.colorado.gov for more information. Please send RFQ Responses to Tiffany O’Connell at toconnell@mtcb.colorado.gov

Full RFQ can be found here.


Questions and Answers Received by the Town

1) Is this posting for an interim/temporary position or a permanent position?  
Permanent Position

2) In recent years, were the services provided by an individual town attorney or a law firm?
This position was most recently handled by an individual attorney.  Currently, our interium attorney is a law firm.

3) In recent years, what has been the general compensation range and structure (e.g. hourly based, project based, etc) for the services provided?
Compensation is hourly based.